What to Expect

We think that Scouting has a lot to offer, and we want families to know what to expect... besides their child having the time of their life, of course!


Pack dues are $125 per year, and cover the cost of registration with BSA, awards, and most activities. This is supplemented by our annual fundraiser which helps cover additional costs to operate the pack and the broader Scouting program.

Scout uniforms range from $25 - $55 depending on age, and most are typically worn for multiple years. Some activities like overnight camping may require additional personal equipment, depending on what you have and your preferences.

The pack has resources to provide scholarships for scouts who need it, as well as a small scout closet with used uniforms. We don't want cost to be a barrier to your child being a Cub Scout!

Time Commitment

Cub Scouts runs with the school year from September to June.

The full pack meets once a month for about an hour, and individual dens meet once or twice a month to work on advancement. There are a few rank requirements that are designed to be done at home with parents, but generally everything is completed at den meetings.

Additionally, we have several fun activities planned throughout the year like hikes and camping trips. See the pack calendar for details.

Activities and Advancement

Cub Scout activities are centered around earning badges that are specific to each school grade level. This badge represents a rank. Activities support the aims and methods of scouting and focus on practicing teamwork and sportsmanship, good citizenship, and teaching scouts to do their best.

Advancement refers to the progress a Cub Scout makes toward their badge of rank. Scouts will always move on to work on the next rank each school year, even if they didn't complete prior ranks. Learn more about The Advancement Trail.

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is critical to a successful Cub Scout program. The volunteer leaders in a pack are almost always made up of fellow parents who have stepped up to lead. BSA requires that Kindergarten and 1st Grade scouts be accompanied by a parent at meetings, but we actually encourage this for scouts of all ages. There's always a craft, game, or adventure that could use an extra pair of hands or eyes. And while we can't speak for their future teenage years, scouts at this age nearly always want their parents to be part of the fun.

And for parents who want to do more, you can help lead a den, plan an activity, or help behind the scenes with the pack committee. No prior Scouting experience is required and thorough training is provided by BSA.